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how to increase the download speed with IDM

Hi guys, i have written a tutorial on how to increase the download speed with IDM. really tested, and ya working…….

If you want more downloading speed of your files, just read this tutorial guys and you will feel the difference when you try this out..

1. Click the icon IDM
2. Click Option
3. On the Connection / Speed, select Other in bps type this value 10000000, and the Default Max conn.number select 16
4. Close IDM
5. Run Regedit> HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Download Manager> (see the right window) Connection Speed> double click> select decimal> content with 9999999999999> press OK
6. Close regedit
7. Try performing the download

The Konami Code Lens Flare Hack

This is a rather silly hack, but if you’re visiting friends who may not be very computer savvy – this is a very easy way to impress them with your hacking skills. Borrow their computer (or bring your laptop), log into your Facebook account, and then on the computer keyboard just type the following key sequence of arrows and letters exactly:
Then, click around on your Facebook page, or scroll up and down the page (this seems to work best), and you’ll discover a pretty cool display of lens flare effects.
Oddly, the effect isn’t horribly annoying because it disappears pretty quickly when you really need it to. It isn’t the most impressive hack though, because it’s probably the most common one mentioned across the net – but it’s still kind of cool and fun to play around with.

“How to unlock Phone Security code?”

You can get “Nokia MASTER CODE” for your phone using urphone’s IMEI.After getting IMEI CODE

Commonly used Facebook chat slang short codes

ASAP As Soon As Possible
GN Good Night
M/F Are You Male or Female?
ASL Tell me your Age,Sex and Location
IDK I don’t Know
SD Sweet Dreams
BRB Be Right Back
JK Just Kidding
Tnx Thanks
BTW By The Way
TY Thank You
ROFL Rolling on Floor Laughing
LOL Laugh out Loud
TTYL Talk to you later
FYI For Your Information
LMAO Laugh My Ass Out
WTF What The F**k
FB Facebook
LMFAO Laugh my f**king ass off
WTH What the hell
GM Good Morning
LMK Let Me Know
zzz Sleeping
BFF Best Friends Forever
Jk Just kidding
B4 Before
L8 Late
gr8 /grt great
plz/pls please
sry sorry
bbz babes
kl cool
N8 Night

There are some text editing Tricks you must have a look on.