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How To Update Web Design Using WordPress

If you cannot recall the last time you changed your web design, then it is definitely time to make an upgrade to a fresh and appealing new design. This used to be a grueling and time-consuming process that involved making a new site from scratch or changing the existing code and hoping nothing went wrong. Custom designed websites have their advantages, but being easy to update definitely isn't one of them. Thankfully, there is an excellent alternative that will suit the needs of almost any website. WordPress is becoming the most popular content management platform of all time, and they are making custom designed sites virtually obsolete. Almost a quarter of all new websites are built using the WordPress platform.

One of the most important features of using WordPress is the capability to update your design any time you want. The best thing is that updating and changing the site doesn't disrupt any of your existing pages or content. All the images, texts, videos and other content on your blog or website will remain intact no matter what type of web design overhaul you do to the site. You can easily swap the design theme or add new plugins to include new functions without having to disrupt what's already in place.

Changing the Theme

The easiest way to make a big impact to the overall design aesthetic is to replace your existing  premium WordPress templates with something different. An upgraded design or even just a fresh new template of colors will give your site a lovely new appearance. Your visitors and readers will definitely get tired of your theme over time, so it helps to choose a new theme every few years or so to keep things current. Function aside, the most important factor of web design is the overall aesthetic of your site. WordPress makes it easy to change the look whenever you want. Just be sure not to change things too often, or you risk irritating some of your longstanding customers and followers who have gotten used to seeing a certain design theme when they visited your page.

Adding New Features

When you first build your own blog or website, you probably started with a small and simple design. A simple blog page is enough to begin with, but once your blog or website takes off, you will probably want to add new features to the site. Maybe your written blogs have become so popular that you have decided to add premium paid content to your site. If this is the case, you will need to add plug-ins to set up an online store. You might also want to put in a portfolio of your best content. All of these features can be easily added to your web design with the simple addition of a few WordPress plugins.

Make Your Site More Interactive

WordPress makes it easy to add in a comments section to your posts, or even an entire forum for you and your readers or followers to interact. As your website grows, you should still focus on trying to provide a high level of service to your followers. With more people on your site, this gets harder and harder to do. Encourage people to interact with you on the site, which will help to establish a more personal connection between you and your followers. WordPress makes it easy to add new functions that make it easy for you to interact with them and them to interact with you. The biggest advantage of using WordPress to make your website is that it has the ability to grow with you and your business.

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